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Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary has a long and storied history with Biblical ties. It's a distinguished medicinal plant used for many centuries, as well as ornamental and culinary purposes. Its fragrance is one of the most potent and recognizable. Rosemary is the quintessential herb - with a multitude of medicinal, culinary, and decorative uses, you'll want rosemary in your home.

Best Medicinal Uses: Astringent, stomach issues, headaches, sores, skin issues, bruises, stress relief, antibacterial agent.

Best Culinary Uses: Seasoning, marinades, meats, fish, potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, and many more!

Refer to Health Disclaimer for instructions on use limitations.

Fun Fact: Ancient Greek students believed that placing rosemary in their hair would aid their memory. They wove and wore rosemary crowns while studying.

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