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Notes From Our Neighbors


My knees and back have hurt for most of my adult life. I tried everything, but nothing ever helped completely. I tried Relief Balm and it works. It works fast. I get another one when the other one is half gone. I can't risk not having it in the house!

Mountain View, NC

I love having the Boo-Boo Roller bottle at my house. I have three kids and boo-boos do happen. Whether we're at the house or running errands (the roller is the perfect size for my purse), I can always count on it to take away the pain quickly.

Hickory, NC

Comfrey Relief Oil is great to use for my clients when they come in with arthritis pain or muscle spasms. They're always amazed at how much it helps and how fast it takes away their pain. Thanks!

Maiden, NC

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